Cashless Vending Machines Are On The Rise!



Have you ever wondered when cash will become obsolete?  The use of coins and bills are declining as the convenience of tap card readers, and some mobile payments continue to gain traction.  Do you remember when your friend owed you some money from a night out?  Now they don’t need to go to the bank machine and withdraw cash anymore.  They can simply transfer money to you […]

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The Healthy Lifestyle and Vending Machines

The focus on healthy-living consumers has never been as prevalent in the marketplace as it is today. Over the past 10 years, health and fitness products have taken on a life of their own. From gym memberships and yoga classes, to healthy eating and organic foods, to work out clothing and exercise devices, more money is spent on health products than ever before. This trend is notable even in the vending machine business, where now […]

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The Risk of Counterfeit Currency

One of the great things about vending machine business models is that an employee is not required to be hired as a cashier or to interact with customers during the sale. However, this leaves vending machines sales at a higher risk of accepting counterfeit currency. Vending machine developers have had to constantly update their machine’s capability to detect counterfeit bills. Since Canadian currency is also being modified on an ongoing basis to try and deter […]

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How to Maintain a Vending Machine

Vending machine businesses strategies can be extremely cost effective, with minimal staff and without stores to rent and maintain. However, vending machine businesses have different costs and responsibilities of their own. One of the most important aspects of running a vending machine business is keeping your machines in good shape.  The only way a vending machine business can make money is through proper functioning vending machines, so servicing each machine is extremely important […]

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Vending Machines: the right product in the right location

There are many great consumer products on the market today, with a wide variety of vending machine products sold all over the world. Vending machine products vary from quick snacks and drinks to electronics, clothing and health supplies. How does a vending machine owner decide what products they would like to sell?

Two school girls eating lunch together in the cafeteria.

One of the most important factors […]

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What’s the Cost of Maintaining a Vending Machine Business?

Many business owners are intrigued by a vending machine business strategy because of its cost-effective nature. A vending machine business does not require sales people, the maintenance of stores and all the costs associated with employees and property management. However, it is important to consider the different costs that a vending machine business strategy must cover that are unique to this type of business.

Vending Machine Maintenance

Like all machines, vending machines require ongoing maintenance to ensure […]

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Successfully Add a Vending Machine Strategy to Your Business

Businesses that take advantage of a vending machine business strategy benefit from having fewer overhead costs such as labour, store front, and maintenance fees. However, vending machine strategies are only effective if each machine is located in a profitable area. How can a business determine what location is best for selling their product? Here are a few key factors to consider.

High-Traffic Areas

Vending machine sales depend very much on the traffic around the machine. Increased exposure […]

The Strategic Value of Vending Machines

The use of vending machines is a very unique business strategy that has a lot of benefits depending on the product you are selling and the market you are appealing to. The vending machine business makes over $60 billion annually, with the majority of vendors and business owners working on a part-time basis, all over the world. Vending machine businesses are the most successful when your product appeals to a market that is in a […]

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How Japanese Culture Embraces Vending Machines

Japan has one of the highest vending machines per capita measurements in the entire world, along with China, the Netherlands and Australia. There are approximately 5.6 million vending machines in Japan (that’s 1 for every 23 people). Why is this the case? What type of culture does this promote? With their long standing enthusiasm for robots and all things technology, Japan is leading the way with some of the most advanced vending machines and products.

Making […]

The Modern Era of Vending Machine Use

Vending machines are an amazing business tool for companies that do not want to employ sales representatives or cashiers and who can benefit from the traffic brought into an area from other surrounding businesses. Common vending machine products include candy, chips, soft drinks and coffee, however other companies have jumped on this business model, allowing for vending machines carrying all sorts of consumer goods to pop up in today’s society.


Believe it or not, but many […]

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