Fresh Food

Fresh food is one of Regional Vending’s Specialties.

Our fresh food products are prepared daily through our partnership with Skor Culinary Concepts. We try very hard to offer a rotating menu in our food vending machines so your employees will consistently enjoy fresh selections.

Cold food vending machines dispense an array of snack foods including pastries, cold and hot sandwiches, and milk. Food vending machines are a great compliment to snack and drink vending machines. These machines are also equipped with bill acceptors and give change.

Regional Vending’s food programs are sure to improve your vending experience.  From brands you know and names you trust, we feature a wide selection of burgers, chicken sandwiches, cheese steaks, burritos, wings, hot pockets, Hormel dinners and more.

Many of our products are nationally branded and trusted.

Our cold and hot sandwiches are always fresh and appetizing. The variety of food options in our vending machines is quite extensive. A sample list and a food demonstration are available upon request.

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Fresh Food is Better

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