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A delivery system that is proactive and preventative

Our equipment consists of state-of-the-art snack, beverage and food vending machines designed by leading manufacturers such as Crane National Vendors, Automatic Products, Dixie Narco and Royal Vendors.

Regional Vending installs only state of the art vending equipment and all machines will be equipped with “Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems”. This technology guarantees 100% product delivery.

Infrared technology detects any unsuccessful vend cycle, guaranteeing that your employees either receive their product, or gets their money back. This new technology greatly reduces the chance that your employees will lose their money or not get the item they have selected.

Regional Vending uses the latest cloud based remote monitoring system from Parlevel, in addition to cashless payment systems, to measure improvements in customer service at the point-of-sale during vending machine transactions.

Proactive and Preventative Maintenance

Regional Vending has established a proactive and preventative maintenance program for each of our vending machines. This means less downtime and fewer inconveniences for you. Simply, Regional Vending manages the vending machines so you do not have to.

One of our top priorities is to ensure that your vending machines are operating successfully day in and day out.

The Golden Eye™ Sensor

Golden Eye™ is a guaranteed delivery system that incorporates an infrared transmissive sensor that works to ensure a positive vend for the end user. When a customer makes a selection, the spiral will rotate one revolution. The Golden Eye™ sensor will detect if the product has dropped into the delivery bin.


If the product has not dropped into the delivery bin after the initial spiral rotation, the spiral will make up to two more complete turns in an effort to vend the item. After three revolutions the customer can make another selection or refund their money by pressing the coin return button and the spiral will automatically return to the “home” position.

We do all of this while keeping our vending machine prices as low as they can go without decreasing the quality.

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