It was in the 1st century AD that vending machine services first saw the daylight. Hero Alexandria, a Roman mathematician and engineer, invented the vending machine to dispense a certain amount of holy water so that people do not take excess quantity from the temple. His vending machine had this basic facility wherein people could drop coins and collect a certain amount of water. Today, in the 21st century AD, we see the vending machine services dispatch a lot of products, including snacks, beverages, chocolates, soda, coffee, pizzas, cupcakes, newspapers, tickets and more.

A vending machine is an automated device that dispenses a product to the users depending on the money inserted and the product selected. It is a 24×7 standalone machine that requires an electric supply and consists of simple electro-mechanical systems to automate the vending process. Over the years, vending machine providers have made rapid advancements and vending machines have evolved from being simple snack delivery boxes to a complete mini-market. Different vending machine providers offer different services and they have several contract types for customers to choose from, which also includes full-service vending.

What is Full-service Vending?

Full-service vending machine providers deliver, install, maintain and service the vending machines. They also have the contract to check and stock up the products at regular intervals. Full-service vending companies are higher in demand as they provide complete services and the business owners do not have to move an inch to maintain the vending machines.

What is Automatic Vending Machine?

Consider it something like a wish-granting machine. Instead of someone else giving you your espresso coffee, a chips packet, or your favorite chocolate bar, an automatic vending machine automatically dispenses items stocked up in the machine. These highly advanced machines were once simple electro-mechanical devices that dispatched desired products on inserting coins. Today, vending machines operate with the help of softwares and automated systems that notify vending machine service providers about product stocks, accept different payment modes like cash, credit cards, Apple Pay and others.

Leading vending machine service providers also deliver self-service kiosks known as micro markets depending on the availability of space. They offer much more options, including fresh and healthy ones.

Standard Types of Vending Machines:

Beverage Machines:

Dispenses soda, sports drinks, juices, energy drinks, water, flavored water and sparkling water

Hot Beverage Machines:

Dispenses tea, coffee and chocolate drinks

Snack Machines:

Dispenses chips, chocolate bars, candy, cookies, pastries, granola bars, nuts, trail mix, pretzels, and more.

Fresh Foods:

Dispenses fresh fruits, tuna, salads, yogurt, fitness waters, and other low calorie, low carb, low sugar products.

Frozen Foods:

Dispenses sandwiches, wraps, desserts, ice creams, packaged meats, and more

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Why Hire a Top-rated and Reliable Vending Machine Service Providers?

Vending machines are the hotspots of any premises. People often come there to get their shot of coffee, favorite snacks or cool beverages. There are several scenarios in which a vending machine stops functioning properly. The reason can be technical or irregular maintenance. Some of the common vending machine issues include unhygienic dispensing slots, faulty vending doors, out-of-stock products, money issues, stuck coins among a few others.

When you hire a reliable vending machine service provider, you can be assured that your vending machine will function seamlessly without any malfunctions and never be facing product issues. Some of the benefits of getting professional and experienced vending machine providers are listed below:

  • Clean & Hygienic Vending Machines
  • Safe & Seamless Operations
  • Regular Maintenance & Service
  • Increased Productivity
  • Happy & Delighted Customers
  • Quick Resolution to Any Malfunctions
  • Minimized Risks


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