Vending machines are an amazing business tool for companies that do not want to employ sales representatives or cashiers and who can benefit from the traffic brought into an area from other surrounding businesses. Common vending machine products include candy, chips, soft drinks and coffee, however other companies have jumped on this business model, allowing for vending machines carrying all sorts of consumer goods to pop up in today’s society.


Believe it or not, but many of the items that you find in your local grocer’s produce department can be found in vending machines around the world. Produce such as cherries, bananas, lettuce, pre-made salads and eggs are just a few examples of some fresh foods being stocked in vending machines daily.

Baked Goods and Vending Machines

Candy and chips are commonly sold through vending machines, but cookies, pies and even cupcakes are being catered to by vending machines in Europe and Asia. All baked goods are sealed in plastic packaging to help maintain freshness and sanitation requirements. Don’t under estimate the quality of products coming out of vending machines. These types of machines are stocked sometimes more than once a day, and provide fast and convenient access to some delicious baked goods.

Hot Foods

Fast food restaurants had better pick up their pace! These types of restaurants may soon be a thing of the past with access to pizza, hamburgers, burritos and grilled cheese through vending machines.

Pharmaceuticals at your Fingertips

Beyond food and beverages, vending machines are now being used to sell certain drugs and other medical equipment. Medical face masks can be bought through vending machines, first popping up in Taiwan during the bird flu outbreak. Companies like Proactive, an acne fighting skin care line now also sell their soaps and other treatments in vending machines in malls and other storefronts around the world. Toiletries are often sold in vending machines at some hotels and camp grounds that can include products like toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo and feminine products for easy access to the necessities you may have forgotten at home when you are on vacation.