The focus on healthy-living consumers has never been as prevalent in the marketplace as it is today. Over the past 10 years, health and fitness products have taken on a life of their own. From gym memberships and yoga classes, to healthy eating and organic foods, to work out clothing and exercise devices, more money is spent on health products than ever before. This trend is notable even in the vending machine business, where now more than ever, vending machines are offering a variety of healthy lifestyle meals to stay on trend with consumer demands.

girl holding apple and water bottle

On the whole, preparing a healthy meal to eat on the go is time consuming, costly and challenging for most people who have a packed schedule day-to-day. Many healthy food choices need to be kept refrigerated and are not as easy to eat while on the run. This problem created a perfect opportunity for vending machine businesses to be able to offer a quality, controlled environment where healthy foods can be stored safely until the consumer is ready to consume the product right away. Healthy snacking is becoming easier and easier, because it sells!

One way this trend has become most apparent is through vending machine locations. Vending machines are now commonly located outside of gyms, fitness centers, dance studios and community centres. This is a great way for vending machine companies who are selling healthy food and beverage products to target consumers who are likely to spend money on health food products. After a long work out, dance practice or run on the track, grabbing a healthy snack from a vending machine can be very appealing to the exhausted athlete.

Common health foods that are found in vending machines today are trail mixes, baked chips, protein bars, nuts, as well as certain produce items like sliced apples or mixed berries and yogurt. Drinks such as water, vitamin water, PowerAde and other “recovery” drinks are especially popular at exercise facilities like gyms and fitness centers.

Vending machines offering healthy food and beverages are found in other places such as schools, office buildings and shopping centres. Employers can provide a convenient way for employees to grab a nutritious snack without having to leave the office by either renting space to a vending machine company or investing in one of their own. With childhood obesity on the forefront of Canadian health concerns, schools have transitioned almost all vending machines from offering candy and chips to healthier snack options for students. This is one of many ways that our society is trying to make a healthy lifestyle convenient and economical for the average individual.

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